As much as we let ourselves be influenced by the microtrends that emerge every month (or every two weeks), the Fashion Week shows continue to be that essential guide to laying the foundations for which styles, which clothes and which colors we will wear each season. . So, with the Spring-Summer Fashion Weeks, we found that knitted vests, checkered print and green color would be essential to dress modern in these months.

At the same time, numerous ‘aesthetics’ emerged, such as the ‘ Dark Academia ‘, the ‘ coconut girl ‘ or the Old Money aesthetic , which usually translate into looks with a very specific style.

But with just over a month to go until the end of 2021, we already have the clothes in the closet in sight and, honestly, we’re already wondering what to wear in 2022. Of course, this has a practical reason, because that way we know what trends we already have. and which ones we have to buy. But the real reason is that we’re ‘fashion junkies’ and we’ve already reviewed all the spring-summer 2022 shows by our favorite designers.

And pay attention because next year is full of fashion. On the one hand, we will continue to carry the 2000s aesthetic and the ‘preppy style’, but on the other hand we will make room for new trends such as the belt-skirt and the boho-hippie style.

Is ready? Well, take note because we are going to explain what the 25 women’s fashion trends that will wear the most in 2022 consist of, as well as the colors and styles.

fashion trends for 2022

colored lace socks

Color has infiltrated our wardrobe in every way possible and accessories are the latest way to be in fashion and that will be through socks. Following Undercover’s proposal, the star accessory are fishnet stockings in vibrant colors such as yellow, which combine with baroque shirts with embroidery and lace and patterned sets.

male style

The masculine style never leaves us and this season was going to be no different. The wide-leg pleated pants, our father’s shirts, rock-style ties and berets… All combined under the same look with a schoolgirl look, like Kenzo’s. Add a parka in the cold months and, if you dare, opt for red hair.

A sexier cottagecore

From the creators of boho style and floral maxi dresses comes the most romantic cottagecore. This aesthetic inspired by country life, as romantic as it is feminine, takes on a sexy touch thanks to Giambattista Valli, who mixes these flowers with transparencies and crop tops. The fashion trick: Add jewel-style earrings and rhinestone sandals to sparkle on summer nights.

the maxi shoulder pads

Gold, leather-effect pieces, maxi belts and maxi buckles… The style of the 80s is still in fashion, albeit under an even more accentuated aesthetic, with oversized shoulder pads like those of Alexandre Vauthier combined with a miniskirt. Add some logo hoop earrings and multiple rings to complete this bold glam look.

Leather clothes

Leather-effect pieces have been the queens of our wardrobe and everything indicates that this autumn-winter they will continue to occupy a central place in our looks. This is Amiri’s version, reinforcing our desire for leather pants paired with a chocolate brown coat and plaid shirt. Very much in line with this year’s trends.

the extreme clippings

Anyone who thinks clothes with cutouts are a 2021 thing is wrong. As David Koma proved with his latest collection, clothing cuts will continue to be used and in their most radical version. From asymmetrical necklines to dresses with side slits, anything goes, but if you don’t want to show off so much skin, you can always wear super high boots that also elongate your legs.

Asymmetrical and sequined dresses

For all our party girls, we have good news: in 2022, sequined dresses will be popular in all sorts of colors. Of course, black is more elegant, but gold, red and pink are also strong. In addition, as Carolina Herrera portrays, party dresses also come with an asymmetrical cut or, failing that, with an overskirt that you can tie or untie.

cargo pants

It could be the influence of the utility aesthetic, the Y2K style or the simple fact that we want comfortable pants, but the truth is that these Tom Ford cargo pants are our mood for 2022. We love that they are not too low and that they come in highly vitaminized colors. , such as green or blue, in addition to satin fabrics to use them on more special occasions.

the post apocalypse

More than the brand that 2020 and 2021 made us, what really influenced this aesthetic is old-fashioned fashion and the alternative brands that are gaining ground. Rick Owens has been mastering and honing this dystopian style for years, which in its most practical form can be worn through worn layered sweaters. If you want to take it to the extreme, add ripped socks like extra-long sleeves and scarves in neutral colors.

Color Block 2.0

Without a doubt, 2022 will be a year where colors are everywhere. Valentino shows us a very 80s combination that we love, in which he combines a purple blazer and a fluorescent yellow shirt, which he can use perfectly in the office look. Now, to take the color block in a current way, add an earth or nude color and make the accessories more relaxed. You will focus attention on the main garments.


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