Looks with the MST cap: The MST cap generated controversy on social networks, but we noticed many people who want to use the accessory, but are not sure how to combine it in their looks. That’s why we’ve separated 10 ideas for versatile looks, for you to wear on a daily basis and still look stylish.

Looks with MST cap

Want to know how to wear the cap of the moment in your everyday life? Here are some inspirations:

1. casual chic

How about getting inspired by this look and putting on your white jeans, accompanied by a sweatshirt and layering a blazer on top? Of course, don’t forget the red shoes on your feet and your MST cap on your head. A look in the best bourgeois style with a cause.

looks with MST cap

2. Hi Lo

Enjoy that Hi-Lo is in fashion! A total denim look with a Prada top looks even better paired with your MST cap. In addition to the touch of color, it will give much more prominence to the top of your look.

3. Militant and fashionable

There’s nothing like joining your passions in one look. Put your tailored suit set (which is super trendy) in an oversized size but don’t wear it with a shirt, a black gym top makes the look super modern. Don’t forget the golden accessories!

4. Y2K with cause

Want to show everyone that you support the cause? Combine your MST cap with a white t-shirt, even better if it shows some power phrase. Don’t forget the red bag and you’ll have the perfect look for the photo!

5. A Stroll at Rich’s Mall

Can you imagine arriving at the most expensive mall in your city with a look like this: wide leg jeans, navy blue cardigan with just a few closed buttons, white sneakers on your feet and your MST cap on your head? Guaranteed success. Don’t forget to take that photo in the store’s mirror, because a look like this deserves the record!

6. An afternoon with friends at the strip bar

It’s not because you’re going to drink a litrão that you don’t go well dressed, even more so with a cause on your mind. Do like Bella Hadid who never misses and bet on jeans, boots on the feet, blouse and black jacket (because we know that the night sometimes gets cold) and add a touch of color with your MST cap! Don’t forget your sunglasses, as a militant diva never leaves home without them.

7. Perfect for a day look on a cold day

Don’t think that the cap can only be used on hot summer days, this accessory can and should be in your look even on the coldest days. In addition to making your look more stylish, it will also serve to protect you from the cold. Remember what your mother told you: always keep your extremities warm!

8. Sloppy but not so much

Get inspired by this look by Hailey Baldwin. A black skinny pants (we know this is cringe, but we confess that we still love it) look beautiful if worn with your boyfriend or girlfriend or father’s plaid shirt or whoever you want. If she is in this oversized and very wide climate, even better. To finish off a boots on the feet and a cause for the head, I say a red cap!

9. The successful combination

A combination we love: black, white and red with a cause. Simple, basic and militant <3

10. Beach with style and cause

Going to the beach to enjoy the sun and renew your tan? In addition to your Stanley cup, you can’t forget your MST cap, because in addition to protecting your face from the sun, it will also show everyone that you are a woman with a cause. Very important these days!


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