Many children can’t wait for their first communion. This is sometimes due to the communion dress they may wear. We’ve gathered the current trends for you.

For many children, First Communion is a very special event that they look forward to well in advance. Months before this big event, eight- and nine-year-olds are preparing to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time in communion classes. And the subsequent family celebration is usually meticulously planned. It’s all very exciting!

A festive event, of course, also includes festive clothing. Although boys usually wear suits, there are many communion dresses for girls. They look like miniature wedding dresses and make the communion child’s heart beat faster, as well as the hearts of mothers and grandmothers.

What all communion dresses have in common: they are traditionally kept in shades of white or cream. However, there are differences in terms of materials and design. No matter which communion dress you choose, it’s important that your child feels comfortable in it.

Communion dresses for 2022

#1 communion dresses with lace

As with wedding dresses,  lace has become  an indispensable part of communion dresses. Whether it’s tendrils, flowers, leaves or embellishments – the fabric ensures that the garments look really elegant.

first-communion-with-lace dress

#2 chiffon communion dresses

Even if they are in all seasons, they are always charming: chiffon communion dresses!  The advantage of these models is that they are super light and girls can move freely with them without feeling cramped. In addition, the skirt sways smoothly with every movement. In fact, the top of these dresses can vary – sometimes they are simple and visually separated from the skirt by a subtle ribbon, sometimes decorated with lace or richly embroidered.

chiffon communion dresses

# 3 communion dresses with tulle

Looking for a princess look? Then you can’t miss a  tulle dress ! On the one hand, the skirts are available in a fluffy and slightly flared version, on the other hand, the fabric can also be covered with just a delicate layer of tulle. No matter what model you choose: communion dresses with tulle are always beautiful.


#4 Simple and long communion dresses

In addition to knee-length or calf-length communion dresses, there are also ankle-length models. Dresses are usually simple, fall straight and therefore do not have a hoop skirt, petticoat & co, which makes the skirt part look fluffy and voluminous. 


Colorful Communion Dress: Bye, white!

Let’s be honest: a  communion dress  like this is fantastically beautiful, but just like a  wedding dress , it ends up in the closet after the big day and is usually not worn anymore. Of course, you can keep it as a souvenir, for your brother, or sell it at a thrift store. You can also just color! Instead of dresses in white or cream, models in dark blue or pink, for example, are a little more wearable – whether at weddings, baptisms or birthday parties.

colorful communion dress

Matching communion dresses: the right accessories

The communion dress plays the leading role – there is no doubt about it. But only the supporting actors really let that shine through. We’ve put together a shortlist of accessories that the look can be combined with.

  • Bolero or wool coat:  the weather is unpredictable. You must be prepared for this. When it’s cooler, the communion dress can be paired with a bolero or cardigan. In church, by the way, the shoulders must always be protected.
  • Shoes:  Usually Communion shoes are ballerinas in white or cream.
  • Hair Accessories: Hairstyle naturally also plays an important role in Communion Day. In addition to waves or curls, braided or subtle hairstyles with pins are also in demand. 
  • Bag:  There are small shoulder bags or bags to match the communion dress. There is space for tissues or a face mask, for example.
  • Jewelry:  The classic and elegant look can be emphasized with subtle pieces of jewelry. Pearl earrings or a necklace with a small pendant are beautiful. For communion, some girls also wear the chains they received for baptism.


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