Dopamine Fashion: With this new fashion trend, a good mood is guaranteed, as “Dopamine Dressing” is based on clothes that are fun, bring color to life, and, supposedly, are even good for your health.

It is no secret that the pandemic has also brought a change in fashion. Sweatpants were probably the most popular outfit of the last few months. Comfortable, drab, and casual rather than well dressed and sophisticated was the fashion theme during this period. But after the so-called “comfort fashion”, the “dopamine fashion” trend is growing.

fashion dopamine colorful clothes

Dopamine fashion is wearing what makes you happy

But how does the fad-induced release of the happiness hormone dopamine, the so-called “dopamine fad,” actually work? The answer is simple: with clothes that make you happy. The more colorful and flashy, the better. There are no rules: everything that pleases is allowed!

Because studies prove it: People who wear bright colors and clothes that make them feel good feel better. This is due to the neurotransmitter dopamine which, along with serotonin, is one of the so-called “ happiness hormones ”.

The influence of clothing on one’s mental state was already demonstrated in 2012 in an experiment by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky . The two scientists asked study participants to wear a white lab coat. Half were told they were wearing a doctor’s coat, the other half were told they were wearing a painter’s coat. And, lo and behold, people in the supposed doctor’s coat automatically displayed more self-confidence.

green suit looks fashion dopamine

The social impact of dopamine fashion

The “symbolic meaning” of clothing, which is transferred to you, is also perceived by others. Wearing comfortable clothes leads to a more positive perception of us. Because when we feel comfortable with fashion, our posture, voice and facial expressions also change.

And what makes most people happy? Bright colors! Because we associate bright, flashy colors with spring, when the sun finally warms us up again after the cold winter months and nature blooms in all its glory. So with bright yellow, radiant blue, soft green or cheery purple, you can bring positive vibes super effectively into gray everyday life.

colorful clothes fashion dopamine

More happiness with the dopanine dressing trend

Our feelings and behaviors change when we boost our happiness. This is because we absorb colors through the eyes in the part of the brain where our emotions are located. So other people also benefit from the trend: because when you wear a colorful outfit, you only see yourself in the mirror, but other people notice the colors and project the good mood back.

So go ahead and use more of your favorite colors – the colors that remind you of a time, a place or a person. Find out what you associate with confidence and joy – and use it!


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