Face Yoga: With yoga, you can not only reduce stress, but exercise also helps to prevent wrinkles. Let’s tell you how the different exercises work.

Pouting, sticking out your tongue, wrinkling your nose: It sounds like a funny face, but it’s actually good for your skin. Because facial yoga, that is, gymnastics for the face, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the skin with the right exercises.

Face yoga: an alternative to botox, fillers and the like?

Unfortunately, pronounced wrinkles cannot be magically removed, even with facial yoga. However, regular gym exercises can slow down the aging process. Because facial yoga maintains healthy facial skin elasticity and ensures lively facial expression.

Big side effect: Small face workout relaxes, brings mental balance and reduces stress. Just like real yoga. We show you which are the best yoga exercises for the neck and chin, for the mouth, lips and cheeks.

Facial Yoga Preparation: Gently pat the skin before facial gymnastics

Before starting, you should start with some warm-up and cool-down exercises. Stroke the neck, face and back of the head from bottom to top with your fingertips – this promotes blood circulation. Avoid the eye area. Now your face is perfectly attuned to the real yoga exercises.

Tip: It ‘s best to look in the mirror during a facial workout so you can develop a feel for the different facial muscles more quickly. A popular time to exercise is before, during, or after facial care. The more often you train, the easier it will be for you to incorporate the exercises into your daily routine. You can also do face yoga while watching TV, reading, or on the phone. To get an effect, you should schedule five to ten minutes for your face yoga exercises every morning or evening. Repeat each exercise 10 to 20 times.

In some exercises it is useful to place the fingers on the parts of the face to be moved in such a way that the expression lines hardly appear during the exercise. The principle of facial yoga is: Please don’t pull your skin! The contraction should be strong, for about six seconds, then slowly and consciously to release the tension. As you relax, focus on relaxing your muscles and smoothing your skin.

If you want to practice face yoga even more efficiently, you can use a jade roller or a gua sha stone and massage with a nourishing serum after gymnastics. Just like a classic body workout or a regular yoga session, training tools and equipment can intensify the drive.

Exercise 1: Face yoga for tight chin

Sit up straight in front of a table. Place one forearm loosely on the surface, support the elbow of the other arm (possibly place a book under it so you sit up straight) and press your fist against your lower jaw. Open it slightly against the resistance of your wrist and hold the tension for about six to ten seconds. Then relax again. During this exercise, the chin and so-called jaw muscles contract. When properly trained, these muscles ensure a firm chin and cheeks.

Exercise 2: Face yoga against a double chin

Take a small towel and roll it up or wring it out tightly. Hold it under your chin (make sure it’s upright!). Now open your lower jaw against the stretched towel. Hold the tension for about six seconds and then release. Repeat four to six times. Between the exercise steps and at the end, wipe your lower jaw with the towel from front to back. Now place a tightly wrapped towel around your neck from behind and hold the ends. Then turn your head to the right side, lift the towel a little on that side and open your lower jaw and press firmly against it. Release the tension after about six seconds. Four to six times, then the left side. Maintain an upright posture during yoga exercises.

Exercise 3: Face yoga to firm the cheeks

In this face yoga pose, puff out your cheeks first. Pat and then tap the cheeks with your fingertips. Then relax and feel the tingling in this area. Then hold the tension while smacking your cheeks. Then release the air slowly. Finally, exhale once, puffing out your cheeks. You should now feel tension in the cheek area.

Exercise 4: Face yoga for the mouth

1st variant:
 During this yoga exercise, place your index fingers in the corners of your mouth so that wrinkles do not form. Then press your lips together and pull the corners of your mouth. You should feel your laughter muscle twitch. Now close your mouth as if you were going to whistle. Press your lips together tightly and feel the sphincter of your mouth tighten.

2nd variant:
 Press the lips together again and then alternately pull the corners of the mouth outwards, as if the lips were rocking back and forth. Pull the right corner of the mouth to the right, hold the tension, release and practice the left side. This exercise also tones the cheeks.

3rd variant:
 Exactly like variant 2, but now alternately pull the corners of the mouth to the sides.




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