Polo collar sweater: The pullover with this classic collar is celebrating the renaissance of the trend. Check out how to use today!

The sweater is currently a big trend, but the polo collar sweater has been part of the fashion circus for decades. We’ll tell you all about polo sweaters and show you examples of cool styles from bloggers on Instagram to get you inspired and get started.

What is a polo collar sweater?

The polo sweater is a copy of the short-sleeved polo shirt, which was invented by René Lacoste in 1930 as a garment for men in tennis. In menswear in particular, the polo sweater became known through brands such as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Hackett London. While the original polo shirt was made from piqué fabric, you can now find sweaters in many different materials, from wool to cotton to polyester in stores.

Today, the women’s polo sweater is designed by several brands and we already see some influencers and bloggers on Instagram showing how to wear and combine with style.


The cutest polo sweaters

Whether you like a more classic model or a little more casual and colorful – here’s how you can wear it.

classic polo sweater

Classics among polo sweaters include brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Marc O’Polo and Lacoste. But Tommy Hilfiger and Boss also represent classic polo sweaters that are simple in design and can be worn away from current trends. On most models, the typical embroidery of the logo on the chest is a distinguishing feature of branded polo sweaters.

The new polo sweaters

The new polo sweaters can be stylish and are for everyone who likes them modern and casual. The new polo styles come in sustainable and natural materials.

What versions of polo pullovers are there?

The classic-style polo sweater has a narrow polo collar and closes with buttons at the front. The new ones, on the other hand, come in many models. Whether it’s with a button placket, half zip or simply a V-neck.

The shape is also changed and the cut is no longer classic and straight, but can be oversized or cropped. What would have been unthinkable before is now a mandatory trend. The more eccentric the style, the greater the potential of your outfit. And unisex models that can be worn by both women and men are among the new polo styles.

How do I match a polo sweater?

A polo sweater will quickly become a style favorite in your wardrobe. Tops, whether classic or trendy, are easy to match and can be worn with jeans, skirts, but also with sweatpants / sweatpants.

Classic polo sweaters made in piqué can be worn with a cardigan or under a crew neck sweater. This look is always classy and dressed up if your style is more laid back and you’re looking for an office outfit, for example.

Blogger Aimee Fox shows an example of a stylish polo outfit in nude tones on Instagram.

The right care for your polo sweater

When caring for your polo sweater, you should first take a look at the care label. Sweaters made from cotton and similar easy-care materials can usually be machine washed at 30 degrees. However, you should be careful if your sweater has a metal zipper or metal buttons. This can damage other clothes during the wash cycle. Therefore, you should put your sweater in a delicates bag before putting it in the washing machine.

Those made of wool and other delicate materials should be washed in a wool cycle at a low temperature with a mild detergent. Alternatively, you can wash them by hand. To do this, pour warm water into a bowl or basin and add a small amount of mild detergent to the water. After washing, you should slightly twist the wool sweaters so that the wool does not stretch. You can then dry your sweaters lying on top of the washing machine or in the sink, for example.


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