Hailey Bieber: When it comes to dressing, there are a lot of inspirations we can draw on. From the ‘influencers’ we follow on Instagram and TikTok, through fashion shows and even our circle of friends.

Trends come to us from one side or the other and we are often not even aware of how obsessed we are with, say, Prada loafers. But as soon as we stop to do some research, we discover that oftentimes, celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid or Hailey Bieber are behind our fashion obsessions. Their appearances on the carpet and the photos they post on their social networks help us to place them on the pedestal of stylish girls and to look at their looks when creating ours. And it is precisely Hailey Bieber (formerly Baldwin), one of the experts in dictating trends with her outfits off, in which she combines everything from a patchwork cardigan to a yellow suit with Air Jordan sneakers.

Yes, it is true that, like many celebrities, the model has a stylist (the same as Megan Fox, by the way), but there is a part of the personal style that Hailey brings to her looks, thus creating those wonders of clothes that we see her wearing.

Another element that shows that Bieber has a lot of taste when it comes to dressing is that in his more homely and informal photos on Instagram and Stories, we always see her well dressed and according to the looks that Maeve Reilly (@stylememaeve), her stylist, create for her. So yeah, it all points to the Air Jordans and Dunk Lows sneaker collection and that fondness for pairing tracksuits with cropped coats.

It is precisely this ability to elevate wardrobe items that have earned it a reputation as a style that everyone wants to emulate. For this reason, we proposed to decipher all the keys to Hailey Bieber‘s style, so that you can apply them to your clothes and daily looks!

How to dress like Hailey Bieber

the men’s suit

There is no doubt that this season the men’s suit will be more fashionable than ever. Of course, now the trick is to wear it XXL shape like Hailey Bieber and add some athletic shoes to counteract it.

hailey bieber

A stylish Pilates class

2021 made us realize that even for going to the gym, famous women look great. In Hailey’s case, they’re usually monochromatic and fitted, almost always incorporating comfortable flip-flops and a thin collar.

gym looks

The cropped cardigan and baggy pants

There is no doubt that the model is an expert in combining men’s and women’s clothing, as well as playing with proportions. That’s why we’re huge fans of this mini cardigan moment with plaid pants and Air Jordans. All in light brown already combined with the bag.

hailey bieber looks

the touch of color

Like a good California girl, Hailey doesn’t trade her denim shorts or bikini tops for a bra. Of course, for a touch of sophistication, add an oversized blazer and boots.


a game of hues

The color block got really strong this year and a more discreet way to use it is to combine different shades of the same color. So Hailey mixes her lilac knit top with her satin miniskirt and purple bag. To add sophistication, add a pearl necklace at the neck and loafers at the feet.

The loungewear pro version

The model is aware of the importance of a good coat, so she dares to combine a white t-shirt, jogging and sports shoes with an oversize tailored coat, sunglasses and a bag.

The most centenary trends

A lot of Hailey’s fans are Gen Z, and for good reason: she’s as capable of wearing a blazer as she is a patchwork cardigan (very reminiscent of Harry Styles) with a cloth bag and flip-flops. The result is a very casual look and also a trend.

let the green reign

You may have already noticed that the main item in Hailey’s wardrobe is having lots of basic items like tops and jeans, which she pairs with striking pieces like this jacket. In this way, it makes green the central color of the look, elevating what would be a very basic ensemble.

Off-road streetwear

This is perhaps the look we most identify with. Who hasn’t worn a plaid shirt with a crop top, sweatpants and sneakers to the supermarket? This is proof that 2020 has already passed for everyone, but that instead of putting on the first thing she picked up, the model worried about putting on hoop earrings and matching the shirt and shoes. +10 points per effort.

the bonus

And here we have the promised medley of looks shared by Hailey Bieber herself on her vacation. As we can see, the model tries on a lot of oversize and boyfriend-type garments, while incorporating fashion accessories such as crochet hats or snake sandals.


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