Holistic Beauty: Now, more and more brands are advocating holistic beauty. But what is it really about? We take stock.

The rather difficult period we have just gone through has made us aware of many things and allowed us to refocus on the essentials of life. In particular, we understand how important it is to take time for yourself, for your own well-being. So, in the last few months, we’ve become more interested in holistic beauty .

It is a concept based on the principle that our inner beauty radiates outward, holistic beauty is gaining more and more adherents.

A term that more and more brands are using. But what exactly is holistic beauty? To better explain to you the notion of holistic beauty, keep reading.

What is holistic beauty?

Holistic beauty is that grounded in presence, simplicity, calm and breath; that uses cosmetics that are healthy and cruelty-free, that respect our individuality and balance our emotions. From the skincare routine to the bath under the shower at home, yes, it is possible!

It is worth remembering that the Greek term “holos” means “all”. In fact, holistic beauty is a complete vision of beauty. Furthermore, beauty cannot exist if we do not pay attention to body, mind and soul at the same time. Understand that it is not possible to deal with just one aspect of beauty. We need full service.

We cannot take care of our skin by eating very poorly and not exercising. It’s counterproductive. Furthermore, holistic beauty takes into consideration the philosophy of the products, the quality, but also aourcing . It is an approach to beauty as a whole.

holistic beauty

How to get to holistic beauty?

Holistic beauty brings general well-being and a sense of unity. We take care of ourselves, being aligned with ourselves. Holistic beauty also develops and works our aura. But how to easily adopt it in everyday life?

  • Choice of quality brands and products, with attention to sourcing, quality and values.
  • Take time for yourself, giving true privileged moments with yourself.
  • Support your routines and positive thoughts for a true sense of well-being.
  • Have a healthy diet in everyday life, holistic beauty, also requires a healthy lifestyle.

Holistic beauty is a global beauty, which goes beyond plastic beauty. It is more spiritual and is based on the principle that by creating balance within, it will be reflected on the outside.

It is based on 4 fundamental pillars. Holistic beauty is a concept that is built from each acquired gesture. The idea: try to make long-term changes so that it becomes a way of life.

4 pillars of holistic beauty:

Managing emotional stress

It is the number one factor in our inner balance. For this, we must naturally lower our level of cortisol, the famous “stress hormone”, by taking a moment through the practice of an activity or method of personal development.

For this, we can try walking, eating with full awareness, installing moments of relaxation and meditation, using heart coherence, music therapy/sound therapy or doing breathing exercises. The ideal is, in these moments, to get as close to nature as possible to enjoy the associated benefits.


We are made to move. In fact, physical activity (at least 30 minutes of practice a day) is essential to oxygenate, detoxify the body and circulate lymph. The choice is vast: yoga, running, swimming, cycling… And as with everything, you have to vary your pleasures. That’s why we don’t hesitate to practice different activities or try different methods so as not to create tension using the same muscles over and over again.


We permanently acidify our body and food is increasingly depleted of nutrients. On our plate, a rebalance of food is necessary to properly “nourish” the body, reduce inflammation and regulate our hormones.

Be careful, it’s not about upsetting the way you eat daily overnight – a counterproductive gesture that can lead straight to frustration – but about intelligently targeting your needs and gradually introducing (or withdrawing) certain foods. For example, we started by integrating more “greens” into our dishes and reduced our intake of refined sugars. A way to install good eating habits without even realizing it.

In addition, dietary supplements can help fill in deficiencies. Probiotics and prebiotics, miracle bacteria, also help to rebalance our gut microbiota.
Finally, do not forget to hydrate yourself throughout the day with clear water, but also herbal teas, infusions, flavored water. In the morning, treat yourself to a juice enriched with superfoods (maca, spirulina, matcha) or roots (ginger, turmeric) to fill with antioxidants and vitamins.

holistic beauty

the cosmetics

Now is the time to listen and observe your skin to define your needs. She talks a lot with us and shows outside what’s going on inside. Opt for products that have vegetable oils, essential oils, floral waters, spirulina, hemp, aloe, algae, vegetable squalane, hyaluronic acid, ocean collagen, fruit acids, bakuchiol, shea butter… they can also be the basis of DIY beauty cosmetic recipes if one is adept at all things homemade.
Otherwise, we turn to eco-friendly brands with minimalist formulas.

On a daily basis, you can practice self-massage, with your hands or with beauty instruments such as the jade roller and the Gua Sha. A moment of relaxation and deep connection with the skin that not only increases microcirculation, but also acts as a natural anti-aging method.


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