How to match striped blouse: It is the French women’s fetish outfit and a wardrobe staple. We tell you how to create trendy looks with this classic piece!

How to dress like a true Parisianit’s a mystery many fashion addicts have tried to solve.  And while deciphering the glamor and ‘je ne sais quoi’ that surrounds them is an almost impossible mission, learning to dress like them is something within the reach of any girl with a good wardrobe. In it, you cannot miss the basic pieces that Coco Chanel popularized, such as the little black dress or mini black dress, the tweed jacket, the famous classic Chanel bag (or any black chain bag) and the striped t-shirt, also known as a sailor. . This striped t-shirt originates from French Brittany, where fishermen wore striped sweaters when they went out to sea. In love with this image, Chanel decided to include this piece in its collection inspired by sailor suits.

coco chanel striped clothing

Today, many women wear the striped tee to complete their more casual looks with skinny jeans or leather skirts, or to go to the office with full suits. Although the classic we always see is white and navy blue, there are many combinations that are also in fashion: black and white, white and red, black and red, white and green… Each one perfect to match a style of clothing. Therefore, we will give you seven keys to create innovative looks.

How to match striped blouse

with bright colors

It’s 2022 and fluorine colors are all the rage. Don’t be afraid of them and dare to include them in your looks by combining them with simpler clothes like jeans or a striped t-shirt. To be safe, you can bet on a single color, like orange, which in this outfit goes from the jacket to the bag, including the heels. The shirt perfectly complements the outfit by having orange and blue stripes.

blazer heels bag neon orange jeans striped t-shirt looks

mix of prints

Trust us, it looks like a more complicated combination than it is. The prints can be mixed as long as they follow a similar color palette as in this case: we have a gray and black striped shirt that is paired with a gray, black and red plaid shirt. The result is a very rock look that is reinforced by leather-effect pants and sunglasses. Rockstar mode activated.

gray and black striped shirt plaid shirt clutch bag black leather pants

earth tones

The ‘nude’ tones, browns, camels, beiges… All the earth tones combined with each other can create very sophisticated ‘looks’ suitable for going to the office. For this reason, adding a gray t-shirt with yellow stripes will give it a casual yet professional feel. Although you can always add your favorite white sneakers to finish off the seriousness of the ‘clothes’.

yellow and beige striped shirt nude pants beige coat

the parisian style

It can be said that there are two styles that are popular among Parisian women. On the one hand, there are those who combine striped shirts with jeans and a trench coat. On the other hand, there are Parisians who love to wear party clothes like metallic skirts during the day and mix them with message-striped shirts and platform shoes.

silver skirt black heeled boot red and white striped shirt black coat

with black suit

One of the most practical and simple ways to match your sailor shirt is with a suit jacket and pantsuit. You can wear it in many colors, but if you have a black one, it will look great with a red striped shirt. The contrast gives an original touch that stands out. To give it a modern touch, you can complete your outfit with white shoes.

striped shirt black suit white shoes

All red

If red is your color, feel free to use it in full force. Sailor T-shirts with red stripes look great with denim outfits, which is why these wide leg pants are a winning bet. You can pair it with a white coat in winter or with a red suede jacket like this one, which brings a very retro seventies touch to the look.

jeans red striped shirt red blazer

over the shoulders

Neutral colors are perfect for not thinking too much in the morning and creating beautiful looks in a short time. This is a very good example of how to combine green in various shades through leather-effect pants and a trench coat. Now, to boost your score, you can add a striped sweater tied around the shoulders, the preppy gesture fashion experts use to make the look more cool.

dark green leather pants green trench coat striped off-the-shoulder sweater


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