How to dress in Bridgerton style: Corsets, pearls, flower prints, pastel tones… All the clothes in the series are trending this season. Here are seven tips for dressing like a ‘lady’ in style.

Ever since Lady Whistledown confirmed that we would get a second season of The Birdgertons, our obsession with the regencycore aesthetic has n’t abated. Whether it’s the love stories that warm our hearts, the dreamy decorations of the mansions of the nobility, and we even visualize ourselves wearing those precious Regency dresses and participating in balls in huge halls. But fact is, this series is dictating fashion trends.

A pity that we only have Carnival and Halloween to become the protagonists of our favorite series on Netflix. Or not? If we stop to analyze the clothes in detail, we can see that many of the trends of the moment we have already seen in the looks of the characters.

Corsets, pearl earrings and necklaces, pastel tones, flower prints… It seems that the ‘ soft royal ‘ aesthetic is going to infiltrate our wardrobe to transform us into a lady ready to be presented in society. But don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to wear a crinoline or a ceiling-length wig; Let’s find a way to incorporate all these trends so you can dress like a Bridgerton in 2022 . Do you like the idea? Well, read on because here are our seven tips for becoming the most elegant lady in the kingdom. Namely, Instagram.

How to dress Bridgerton style

1. The corsets

The truth is, we didn’t even suspect all the rage corsets were going to cause last spring, let alone that they would still be in fashion a year later, and yet here we are. Unlike the Bridgerton days, when corsets were so tight they left skin sores and took your breath away; now corsets are much more comfortable and are worn as a top. As a crop top, you can wear it alone with baggy jeans or over a shirt or tee to create a layered look.

2.Flower dresses

 To dress in the style of the series, choose it in pastel tones and with a motif of small flowers in a contrasting color. As for the cut, you can wear them in a looser or fitted silhouette, but the ones that best match the season are the long ones with a waitress neckline, in the cottagecore style .

3. Pastel tones

One of the things we like most about the protagonists’ costumes is that they always dress in bright pastel colors. Yellow, blue, pink or green are the most used and we see them both in monochromatic clothes and combined with each other. For a more up-to-date touch, incorporate them into a very Regina George-esque main character look in Mean Girls: a jacket, a white miniskirt, a knotted shirt… Add white socks and Mary Jane shoes and you have the perfect look. !


4. Pearl jewelry

Ever since Vivienne Westwood’s choker necklace became fashionable in 2020, we’ve had a big obsession with pearls. And no, we have no intention of leaving them. To reference Bridgerton, choose to use them both in earrings and in bracelets, rings and necklaces, which if they can be long, even better. Incorporate them into sportswear to sweeten up or over a colorful sweater for a softer girly look.

5. How to Dress Bridgerton Style: The Romantic Blouses

Blouses and shirts are that piece of clothing that solves many looks, especially when we want to go to work well dressed. They can be of several styles, but the most Bridgerton ones are those that have puffed sleeves, bows, lace at the cuffs, babydoll necklines and flower prints. That is, all those romantic blouses that just need a pair of jeans to match. A styling trick: add a vest for that masculine touch.

6. Lace stockings

Never underestimate the power of accessories to change the style of a piece, much less the power of socks. A leather dress can be very rocky if we mix it with fishnet stockings, but if we exchange it for white lace, we could be heading to an afternoon of tea and sweets with friends. Add a black ruffled blouse and you have a Dark Academia style that is so popular this year.

7. The long gloves

We rarely use them, but when we put on some gloves we feel like real divas. The key to wearing them in the ‘ Bridgerton ‘ style without being too elegant is choosing them in their long version, but in a sportier material, such as leather effect. If you also choose a vibrant shade like green, you can integrate two trends in the same piece.



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