Prada Style: We know which trendy pieces of clothing, bags and shoes to bet are inspired by Prada!

If you love your chunky-soled loafers, your rhinestone bags and your nylon jackets, you’re in luck, we tell you which luxury brand-inspired clothes you can buy for a cheaper price.

After reviewing all the trends for autumn-winter, we can confirm two things: that colors like green and pink will be as fashionable as black and that Prada is the company that will dominate street style. Since the beginning of September, we haven’t stopped seeing famous women wearing thick-soled loafers, as well as gloves, oval nylon bags and the famous insignia with the logo that goes on all their robes. Not to mention the color block coats that are so popular.

But if there’s something we love as much as discovering the proposals of our favorite designers, it’s finding cheap clones of their creations. So, we got to work and compiled the 10 items you need if you want to have Prada style on a budget.

How to dress in Prada style on a budget

colored leather gloves

Gloves are back in force and to wear them with style you need to take into account two factors: being long and colorful. Thin fabric gloves are ideal for pairing with tank top dresses, but if you’re looking for a more modern version, follow the Prada trail and choose in leather and a fun color like purple or orange.

prada leather glove

leather gloves

The ‘bling bling’ bag

The rhinestone trend has dominated our wardrobe and now it’s not just hairpins or earrings, Prada has chosen to cover its classic loafers and bags with these ‘cool’ stones. It’s the perfect bag for going out to a party or to match your Christmas and New Year’s dresses. If it also has an oval shape, you will combine two trends in one accessory.

prada rhinestone bag

prada inspired bag

the military boots

Boots are the perfect complement to any look. They match with everything, they are cozy and give that fashion touch to your looks, but if you also buy one with a side pocket like the ones Prada made, you will make them the center of attention of your look.

prada boots

prada inspiration boots

The colorful long coat

In winter, coats are the star of the looks, that’s why we love investing in them and betting on different prints, fabrics and colors that break with the monochromatic ‘looks’. If we follow Prada’s instructions, we’ll have to get an oversized thick coat in a bold color like yellow or green. Which do you prefer?

colorful prada coat

zara winter green coat

Moccasins with tractor soles

They have been with us for several seasons, we use them in three of the four seasons of the year and we can’t get enough of them. Moccasins are not just preppy and classic footwear, they can also be modern and innovative like those from Prada, which with their track sole achieve a thick and masculine look that goes very well with the most feminine dresses in our wardrobe.

prada moccasin

nylon bag

If there’s one fabric that Prada especially excels at, it’s nylon. Bags, dresses, tops and coats are part of the Italian company’s nylon (recycled fabric) collection, which together with its logo plate has become the brand’s insignia. That’s why your crossbody bag in this fabric is the best seller of the season that all influencers want.

nylon prada bag

plate earrings

Logomania may not be hitting as much as in previous seasons, but the truth is that the Prada emblem is one of the most sought after and desired on all types of apparel. Proof of this is that these earrings are everywhere on Instagram.

prada plate earrings

high boots

High boots are always a good idea and each season they come back with a new style, color or design. And as much as we love the white rubber rain boots that every store sells, these printed versions of Prada have stolen our hearts. It might be a very expensive whim for this Christmas, but what’s clear is that we’re going to ask the Magi for some patterned knee-high boots.

the puffer coat

For the coldest days, we can only think of one thing: wrapping ourselves in a nice coat to stay warm and fluffy. Of course, a down coat can also be fashionable, especially when it’s wide and white, as it’s all you need to create an effortless look.

nylon fisherman hat

Within the world of hats, the fisherman hat or ‘bucket hat’ is the most fashionable and every fashionista looks for one at Prada. However, it is not necessary to have exactly the one of the Italian firm to dress with style; just get a nylon cap in the color of your choice.



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