How to dress like a Parisian: Striped sweaters, raincoats, loafers, baggy jeans… We give you all the keys to having an elegant wardrobe and dressing as if you lived in Paris wherever you are.

We admit it: Emily in Paris has caught our fashion radar, for better or for worse. The Netflix original series, starring Lily Collins, caused quite a stir with its October 2020 debut, not just because of its parody of Parisians, but because of Emily, the protagonist’s striking outfits. We don’t know if the wardrobe was chosen expressly to emphasize that cartoon of the ‘American girl who dresses in French to take pictures in Paris’, or if they really wanted to turn her into a fashionista, but what is clear is that the girls French women don’t dress like that.

Instead, if you’re looking for references to the current style of Parisian women within the series, then you should look to the real French girls : your boss Sylvie and her friend. The first represents that myth of the elegant Frenchwoman always dressed in black, which exists and you can see it walking through the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The second is the girl, a little preppy, but always casual and stylish.

How to dress like a Parisian

The jacket

Effortless looks are the strong point of the French women, who have a wide variety of wide and long coats to face the winter. The camel-colored coat is essential, very easy to match and can be worn with flip-flops. For everyday use, the cabas bag is your favorite, as it fits in everything you need to go to work and walk around the city.

How to dress like a Parisian: Appreciation for the natural

If there is a fetish fabric for Parisians, this is the natural one. Wool, knitting, cashmere… Undoubtedly, the Frenchwoman will always prioritize quality in these types of fabrics, so she tends to invest in quality sweaters and cardigans in timeless colors. So a red sweater can be the pop of color for a simple piece of jeans and sneakers.

A nice plus size suit

Another very common look is men’s suits, which can be directly a jacket you stole from your father or son, or a set that is too big. We love the total looks in chocolate brown, which if you also match your bag and leather boots, will make you feel like the bossy you are at any meeting.

How to Dress Like a Parisian: The Sweaters and Moccasins

If you are looking for typical Parisian wardrobe pieces, this set has them all. There’s the three-quarter coat, which you can wear in camel or navy blue; the striped sweater, which this season is worn with a zip at the collar; leather-effect pants and loafers, which in winter you can combine with socks.

The pleated wide pants

Following the menswear line that Parisians love, we have pleated pants in the wide leg version. If you opt for a classic color like gray, you’ll be free to introduce sweeter tones like pink. How to finish sweetening this set? Adding a classic ‘tweed’ bag.

the jeans

When we said that Parisians love jeans, we weren’t exaggerating. You’ve probably seen them combine a closed denim shirt with wide-leg jeans (always in the same shade of blue or black). To accentuate the waist, you can add a belt and camel overcoat.

Between lady and male

There is no cooler and more representatively Parisian combination than this. If you walk around the capital, you will see that many women do combos as diverse as mixing a bomber jacket with a midi skirt and high heels. To cut down on the formality, you can add a fine-knit sweater and black sunglasses, which are practically part of your everyday outfit.

structured clothes

You may have noticed by now that Parisian women prioritize timeless and quality clothing over trends. However, that doesn’t mean they are boring. Pleated pants can be elevated to fashion week level paired with a slit windbreaker, high heels and a Bottega Veneta bag, which are all the rage this season.

a touch of color

After investing in a good raincoat, jeans and a trendy shirt in sober colors, how can we give a special touch to the look? That’s where accessories come in. A red bag to match your lipstick is an excellent combination, but if you also add some aviator sunglasses, you’ll get a plaque of honor.

Navy blue and all its shades

Not every Parisian wardrobe is all about white, black and camel. There are other shades, such as navy blue or gray, that are also used to match. For example, you can mix a dark coat with lighter jeans and a baby blue shirt, layered with a charcoal gray sweater. To add a touch of fun, you can add a leopard boot, the animal print fetish of Parisians.

The ‘vintage’ style

Although not the most fashionable, it is a very characteristic style of the city and used by students of art or cinema. Vintage-inspired clothing or clothing purchased directly from ‘friperies’ (second-hand stores) is very common. Mixing a three-quarter plaid coat with a turtleneck sweater and midi skirt is already a sophisticated look, to which you can add a ‘lady’ touch with a beret, a pearl necklace and some ‘mary janes’ with stockings.


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