How to match orange clothes: Currently, orange is becoming the new trending shade when it comes to fashion. Not sure if the color suits you and how to match it? We show you which colors go well with this tone.

When it comes to fashion, we will always have one color at the moment, and this one is orange. It is currently one of the absolute favorite colors of fashion professionals and can be seen in every shade this season. According to color theory, the trend’s bright hue signifies courage and also a fresh start. One thing is for sure, clothes and accessories in this shade immediately put you in a good mood and make every look a real eye-catcher. In addition, it makes our skin glow perfectly. We undo the prejudice that orange doesn’t suit everyone and show how versatile it is to use.

Who matches the color orange?

Basically, the color orange suits everyone. It just depends on the right shade, because the trend color is available in many different shades, such as a strong orange red, rosy apricot or bright shades that tend towards yellow. The cool thing: with the huge number of different shades of orange, there is guaranteed to be the right color for every skin and hair type.

Darker skin types with brown or black hair (fall types) might be happier, because all shades of orange really do them good. Spring types (lighter skin, golden or reddish hair, and mostly green or blue-green eyes) are also suitable for shades of bright orange and pastel apricot. On the other hand, women who belong to the summer type with their cool, bluish skin, blue or gray eyes, and light hair look best with a pale orange with a slight blue undertone. The same applies to the type of winter. A bright orange is very dominant here and can make you look even paler.

What colors go with orange?

You really don’t know how to match? In fact, the wellness color can be combined in many ways and goes well with a range of neutral colors, but also with other bright shades. Orange is incredibly multifaceted, and so it pairs well with neutral tones such as black, gray, and white, as well as various shades of brown, blue, and green, and a bright pink or light pink.

Classic orange with black, white and gray

The color is easy to match with white, cream, black or gray. You can’t go wrong with this combo. The orange + white combination is great for hot days. Orange stands out thanks to the non-neutral colors and provides an exciting twist on the look. Style Tip: Black pairs well with a pale orange hue like apricot. The color combination is super elegant. The situation is similar with gray, in that gray itself is a cool shade of color, and therefore it also goes well with nuances with a shade of blue. Our favorite everyday combo: an oversized orange shirt with white pants.

Retro trend: combine orange with shades of brown

Orange and brown are colors that we know from nature and therefore they go together wonderfully. While orange adds an exciting and modern touch to the look, brown provides balance and the necessary calm. In a duo with earthy brown and beige tones such as khaki, camel or nude, orange outfits look elegant, which makes the color combination the perfect match for elegant business looks. For example, you can pair an orange blouse with pleated beige pants or an orange blazer. When it comes to your office attire, make sure the orange isn’t too flashy and opt for fine fabrics like satin or silk.

How to use orange in color block

Do you really want to attract attention with your outfit? Combine orange outfits with other bright colors in a trendy color block. Yes, you heard me right. Just a few years ago, many style experts believed that orange didn’t go well with other strong hues, but thankfully that’s not the case anymore. This season you can mix as much as you can. Orange, for example, goes really well with all shades of blue, and the sign color really stands out when mixed with a strong royal blue. Of course, you can always combine orange with jeans.

Fashion professionals also love the orange + green color combination. Definitely a match for the fashion-conscious, but styled appropriately, the two trendy shades look extremely cool together. So that the style doesn’t look too wild and youthful, it’s best to wear high-quality pieces like blazers, blouses, and baggy pants. And another duo that we’ll see more: orange and pink. Either you choose individual pieces in both colors or go straight to a piece that already combines the two colors.

color block looks with orange

Tip: If you don’t like it so flashy and want to get used to the trend, you can also combine a delicate shade of pink with a pastel orange.

pastel orange wide pants

On trend: head-to-toe orange

Orange really stands out in a complete look, for example in the form of a powerful suit. Here you have to make sure that the blazer and the pants are the same shade. If you like, you can also use several different shades of orange for the tone-on-tone look. It is best to limit yourself to two, at most three levels, so that the overall outfit is not too colorful.

Orange accessories as attractive

Do you want to slowly approach the fashion trend color and not like it so much? Just choose accessories in that tone. Bags, shoes and other accessories in orange are also all the rage right now and immediately make simple looks more exciting.



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