How to match skinny jeans: Skinny jeans are back in fashion and millennials celebrate, but maybe Gen Z is a little lost and doesn’t know how to wear them. We show you some ideas to style them this year.

Surely you’ve seen the typical meme on social media that says you’re old, but how old? Well, it might as well be accompanied by a picture of a girl wearing skinny jeans, because these were out of fashion years ago. In fact, on TikTok a funny controversy was generated over these pants: millennials defended them and centennials said they were out of fashion. And it’s not to agree with the wonderful Gen Z, but it’s true that, in recent seasons, baggy jeans have banned tight pants. Without knowing how this happened, our wardrobe is full of wider models born in the 90s.

This has its logic, as in recent seasons the ‘comfy’ style has prevailed over everything (increased by the 2020 lockdown), so we’ve dropped all the tight clothes that made us uncomfortable. But, as you know, it all comes back. And skinny jeans came back into our lives in 2022. Surely Kate Moss, faithful to this type of pants, celebrates as much as we do.

From the street style of international fashion weeks to our favorite brands like Zara, skinny jeans are everywhere. This does not mean that wide models are no longer used, quite the opposite. Now you can wear your favorite skinny jeans again without being called old-fashioned. Of course, this will depend a lot on how you combine them. If you have questions about how to combine them, we have some ideas that will help you. We’ve selected 15 ideal outfits that range from a sporty style with sneakers to a more elegant vibe with heels. Get inspired to wear them on any occasion.

How to match skinny jeans

with animal print

If there’s one print that matches your black skinny jeans, it’s the leopard print. Word from Kate Moss. Of course, in 2022 we would trade those boots for cowboys or ballerina shoes, which are the latest trend.

kate moss black skinny jeans animal print coat

How to combine skinny jeans: With colors

If you opt for a lightweight denim fabric, you’ll look great with a top in a bold shade, such as green, orange or fuchsia pink. On your feet, you can wear white sneakers or sandals, of your choice.

light skinny jeans white sneakers green one-shoulder top

a sporty look

A comfortable and chic option for any day of the week is jeans and a sweatshirt. Of course, add a cool, colorful bag as well as trendy eyewear to elevate the outfit.

skinny jeans gray sweatshirt red bag white sneakers

with original shoes

By narrowing at the ankle, this type of pants makes the shoe stand out. Therefore, always opt for beautiful shoes, such as slingback models (with or without heels).

skinny jeans crop top black brown blazer

How to combine skinny jeans: With boots

Tighter skinny ones are perfect for tucking into cowboy boots. For a casual vibe, also wear a short-sleeved tee.

black skinny jeans white cowboy high top boots light green t-shirt

With oversize blazer

They look great with an oversized blazer with a masculine cut. If you add some closed shoes, you will have the perfect office look.

black skinny jeans black oversized blazer men's shoes green scarf in hair

How to match skinny jeans: Basics

If there’s a match that NEVER fails, it’s skinny jeans + basic white t-shirt + black pumps. In other words, no matter what occasion you use it: a dinner, a fashion show, a work meeting… it will always be perfect!

skinny jeans white t-shirt long black coat sunglasses black pumps

party mode

If you’re going to wear skinny jeans to an evening event, always pair them with jeweled shoes. They don’t have to be Manolos, but they do need to be a design that gives your outfit a shine. Otherwise, you will be too casual for a party.

black skinny jeans red glitter heels lace shirt

How to match skinny jeans: Rocker mode

You’ll get the most punk version of these jeans if you choose a black design and pair it with military boots and an oversize leather-effect bomber jacket.

black skinny jeans boot leather bomber jacket large and wide

with white boots

If you’ve dared to go with the white heeled boots trend, but you don’t know what to wear them with, combine them with your favorite jeans.

light skinny jeans white mid-calf boots with fringes white jacket

leather effect

Your leather outfits will be ideal with dark jeans. Add an original accessory like an animal print hat and you’ve got the perfect look for an afternoon of shopping with your friends.

dark blue skinny jeans black pointed toe boots leather blazer

total jeans

We know the double denim ensemble is sometimes a little hard to get, but if this ’90s look suits you, pair your skinny jeans with a matching denim shirt. The perfect bag? Zebra!

skinny jeans jean shirt leopard print boots yellow celine cropped t-shirt zebra bag

With cropped top

Who said short tops only go with baggy pants? Dare to wear them with slim fit pants.

slim fit cropped pants light blue camouflage coat


If you want to wear these jeans to a formal family meal, pair them with a chic coat: turtleneck, plaid pattern, pearl buttons… You know, very Blair Waldorf.

preppy style skinny jeans

with fine mesh

A very practical look that will save you a lot of trouble in the off season is skinny jeans with a thin sweater in a fresh color.

skinny jeans yellow mesh blouse leather jacket


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