How to wear a belt: If you have a feminine accessory capable of changing the look and leaving the silhouette well defined, it’s the belt. Thin or thick, belts are increasingly gaining space in women’s looks. Available in different materials and with a multitude of closing details, women often get lost in the choice and end up spoiling the look instead of valuing it.

Any look, even the most casual ones, can be more elaborate when you combine the right belt. It is that accessory that every woman must have, because in addition to the sophistication they bring to the feminine look, it has the power to “multiply” the look options in your wardrobe.

How to wear a belt with a cardigan

Belts with a cardigan combine very well and the best models are the thinnest flat belts, braided and at most a medium-width belt. People with wide hips avoid wearing a belt around the waist, it will give more volume to your hips. It’s ideal for those who don’t have much of a waist.

It goes well with everything: wearing the cardigan with a long, long, tight or flared skirt; jeans, shorts, dresses, pantaloons. Long or short, you can wear the belt over any length that looks great!

How to wear a belt with coats

A great tip for winter is to wear the belt over coats, after all, it is at this time full of clothes and coats that our silhouette ends up getting a little deformed, and belts, in addition to helping to define the waist, still leave the look with a very modern look. Bet without fear of making mistakes!

belt over coats how to wear

How to wear a belt with skirts

When we wear the blouse over the skirt, the belt should be right around your waist, and when we wear the blouse inside the skirt, the ideal is that the belt is right over the waistband of the skirt, in this way, the look is more elegant . For long skirts, the ideal belt is thicker ones, so the look is more homogeneous. For women who have wide hips and want to disguise it, the ideal is to wear a high-waisted A-line skirt with a thin belt just below the bust. This will “camouflage” the extra volume in that area. If you have a short torso and long legs, a good option is to use wider belts. They balance the silhouette and make you more stylish.

Ways to tie belts

Since we’ve talked about some ways to use the belt, let’s see now the ways we can tie them, and the options are endless, check it out:


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