Colored Blazer: This season, trends have spoken: it’s time to give it your all. It’s time to put aside the basics to welcome glitter, transparencies, lace, wild and striking prints like tie dye and, above all, vibrant colors.

For some time now, the street style of international fashion weeks has been filling up with neon greens, sky blues, yellows, oranges and, of course, the most fanciful shade in fashion: fuchsia (in case we had any doubts that he is the star of the season, Valentino made a show dedicated exclusively to him .

Now, how to use these bold colors in our looks? It is true that the formulas are endless and we can use them in the form of accessories such as earrings, purses or shoes. However, if you want to apply this proposal to the fullest, do not hesitate to transform your wardrobe into a real rainbow, filling it with pants of the entire chromatic scale and, of course, blazers, a classic that has been reinvented to star. in any look.

The blazer works on absolutely every look and now if you want to be really up to date this season you have to pick one in your favorite color. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fluorescent or pastel blazer, the important thing is that it goes beyond the typical black and white and is the protagonist of your combinations. And yes, there are many options when it comes to combining it.

We’ve researched the top ideas from fashion insiders, and we’ve got several tips so you can also wear colorful blazers in style this season:

  • With color block: at first, it’s a little difficult to dare, but after taking the step, there’s no one who can take it away from this trend. Promised!
  • With the basics: of course, a safe bet. Straight jeans never fail.
  • In the form of a dress: the sexiest bet if you wear it with high boots. Hi? We want to wear this style every day.
  • Total look: if you go with everything, dare to combine your blazer with pants of the same color. Of course, you will not go unnoticed.

how to wear colored blazer

with other patterns

The good thing about this piece is that it goes with absolutely everything, so you can use it to smooth out a look that has a printed piece, like these striped pants. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the colors are compatible.

with the basics

The coat that matches any look is, without a doubt, the trench coat. Why not mix this classic up with a neon piece? The result is, to say the least, curious.

neon yellow dress beige ankle boots neon sunglasses beige trench coat

With Shine

For a party look, there’s nothing like using the two resources we use most in these situations in the same look: sequins and blazers. On this occasion, place the color dot on the blazer.

light purple leather blazer fringed skirt silver sequin boots with silver glitter

Colored blazer in cropped version

This model started to become popular last season, but it was this year that it really entered the most stylish looks. If you want to finish off with a flourish, opt for leather-effect pants like in this case. Anyway, you can also wear it with jeans.

Colored blazer as a dress

A classic that always favors and is very fashionable, as it means using the blazer in a much more innovative way: as a dress. Just match it with tall boots.

blue and white striped blazer as a dress

with skirt

Are you looking for an original way to wear your blazer? Avoid sets with pants and opt for skirts like this one, which also has an opening that transforms the formula into a super sexy look.

elongated blue satin blazer with slit skirt

Add other accessories

Don’t you think it’s enough to put on a colorful blazer? Calm down, friend, you can still add a plus with accessories such as the harness, which was previously worn over the shirt.

blazer and pants set neon green looks with accessories on top

Colored blazer in neon colors

If you’re aware of this season’s trends, you already know that bright colors are on the rise. Bet on a neon blazer with jeans or, in this case, a total look!

neon green blazer neon shorts and boots

a boho footprint

Yes, you can also give the trend of colorful blazers a hippie look by wearing them with flowing dresses or loose, baggy pants with floral prints like this one.

wide printed pants green blazer looks

Colored blazer with top

To give a sexy touch to a full suit or your blazer if you don’t wear it together, the key is in the piece you choose to wear underneath. A strapless top with which you show your belly is ideal, but you can also try a corset top or a lace bra, for example.

yellow blazer and pants set with black cropped top looks

total look

Do you go all out? So, you have to cheer up the total look in your favorite shade like blue, this even includes the shoes. Take the opportunity to put this trend into practice before it passes.

women's full suit blue blazer and pants set


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