Sunglasses 2022: If you’re looking for new sunglasses, we’ll show you what trends will look like in 2022 and which accessories stylish women can’t leave home without.


  • Colorful sunglasses are popular in 2022
  • Frameless sunglasses are one of the main trends
  • Sunglasses trends 2022: rectangular models
  • White framed glasses
  • oval glasses

They are among many women’s favorite accessories. We can’t get enough of them, because they help protect our eyes and also make the look more modern and stylish. What colors and shapes are popular now? We show you the must-have sunglasses for this year!

Colorful sunglasses are popular in 2022

You may have already noticed: bright colors are a big trend in fashion in 2022. And we can also find the trend among the new sunglasses. Whether in bright pink, trendy green or cheery orange and yellow – sunglasses with colored frames and lenses are super popular. The colorful accessories are definitely an absolute draw and give every look a real wow factor without too much style effort.

look big pink shirt pink pink glasses with colored lens jeans pink bag

Frameless sunglasses are one of the main trends

Y2K-style rimless sunglasses are clearly setting the tone in 2022. Girls like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Cia. love retro glasses, which probably trigger flashbacks to the 90s or 2000s in some people, and declared them the trend accessories of the season. Whether narrow or wide, with colored lenses or classic black – we now find the shades in many different shapes, colors and styles, so everyone can really find something that matches their style. If you want to take the Y2K trend to the extreme, you can pick up a model with tiny rhinestone hearts on the lenses, like Paris Hilton or Jennifer Lopez wore 20 years ago.

trendy rimless sunglasses

Sunglasses trends 2022: rectangular models

The must-haves for 2022 also include sunglasses, narrow and square, as seen on Instagram. Rectangular eyewear models are always absolute and versatile when it comes to styling your looks. As glasses always exude a touch of elegance, they match perfectly with all types of looks. Angled models look more harmonious on round faces, as they give more contour to the face and make it appear thinner.

rectangular sunglasses

white framed sunglasses

Another trend for 2022: white framed glasses . Accessories are the perfect change from classic black sunglasses and guarantee the perfect ’60s vibe. They can also be combined in many ways and give looks that extra edge. From round, square to super large models – these days you can find white framed sunglasses in almost every popular fashion store.

oval sunglasses

There’s currently no way around them on Instagram: we’re talking oval sunglasses that are giving square pieces a lot of competition this season. Influencers are already using the up and down trend tones. The glasses convince above all for their cool and elegant look. And the glasses have another plus point: thanks to its oval shape, it suits almost all face shapes.

round black sunglasses white shirt purple puffer vest jeans

A small note at the end: Of course, fashion is a matter of taste and not everyone finds the trends and pieces on display beautiful. Our style tips, outfit ideas and hacks should serve as inspiration – what you do with them is, of course, up to you. And always remember: what you want to use is entirely up to you. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t wear. After all, fashion should do one thing: be fun!


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