Cheugy trends: UGG boots, cargo pants, jacket… Did you think they were old-fashioned? Pay attention because they will dominate our wardrobe.

That fashion is circular and that trends come back every 20 years is already known to all fashion lovers. That’s why in 2021 we witness the return of the Y2K aesthetic, which is based on the fashions of the early 2000s and has especially resonated with Gen Z. plastic rings and colorful sunglasses are something ‘vintage’, but the truth is that TikTok is full of reports in which 2000s-inspired looks proliferate. Of course, there are many other trends, such as the Old Money aesthetic ., but in the 2022 season trends we saw a lot of clothes and accessories that we used, hated, and swore we would never wear again. And yet, here we are, buying some white boots and about to dust off the UGGs.

In fact, as you read, street style and Gen Z have decided that in 2022, in order to dress modern, we must reincorporate into our wardrobe clothes that we have buried and that we have come to consider ‘cheugy’ (that is, outdated, out of date). fashion). This is the case with the UGG boots, which in 2010 were widely used and which for a long time were forgotten, or used only indoors.

It seems that for these microtrends we didn’t have to wait much longer than 12 years, because from that same decade cargo pants and clogs also come back. will have to look to Tumblr for inspiration; just look at our favorite celebrities who already wear them on a daily basis.

So, in the end, our mothers were right, it’s better to save money than throw it away and especially in the fashion field, where on the least expected day you’ll need a Palestinian-style scarf again. For now, we are revealing the ten trends that we consider ‘cheugy’ and that will be used again in 2022.

Cheugy trends to wear in 2022

UGG boots

We confirm, one of the warmest and most comfortable boots we’ve ever had is back in fashion in 2022. Truth be told, we didn’t anticipate this until we saw a lot of celebrities wearing it. This year the trend will be to use them in the mini version and in the homemade shoe version. You can wear them with sporty looks like leggings and wool, or elevate them to a more everyday style with blazers and jeans.

UGG boots

the velvet coat

Velvet workout clothes go hand in hand with the return of the 2000s, brands like Buffalo or Juicy Couture and clothes from Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie. So it’s only natural that we see more and more sets of colored hoodies in different stores. If you’re looking for a retro look, you can opt for the classic fuchsia pink or baby blue with rhinestones, and if you prefer something more elegant, opt for a shirt look instead of a jacket.

Cargo pants

The trend is to wear them in the maximalist style with multiple pockets and an oversized fit, or opt for satin and discreet pockets. To elevate these pants, it’s best to pair them with more preppy outfits like a tweed jacket or a trendy mini bag.

look with cargo pants leather jacket

the suit vest

At this point, we might think we’ve seen and used every type of vest there is. Well, we are left with the perfection of the vests, which can be masculine or feminine, but they are the key to giving a vintage look to your looks. You can buy it in the men’s section of any brand or second-hand, but what is clear is that you will wear it with nothing underneath.

low waist pants

We were afraid of them, but there seems to be no escape: low-rise pants are back. As with Gen Z skinny jeans, we can predict that millennials will offer resistance, especially considering what favors the high rise. But the truth is that this cut will also have its place in the wardrobe of many girls.

low clogs

We’ve seen them gain popularity this fall, and in 2022 they’ll finally make the leap to the streets. If you’ve had yours since 2010, it’s time to put them in the front row of your shoe rack because this spring/summer you’re going to be using them a lot. They adapt very well to all styles, from the most casual, such as wide-leg jeans, to the more tidy.

Cheugy trends: The balaclava and the towel fabric

Attention, because these are two of the newest trends that will come with full force: on one side is the balaclava, that knitted hood that we saw in the Miu Miu show of the Fall 2021 season and that is already used by influencers. On the other hand, towel fabric, which is not only used in beach dresses and sandals: it has also conquered polo shirts and even bags. This one in green with matching flip-flops is our passion.

cheugy trends: Coach bags

Fortunately, the American company took a turn on its logo and designs, turning it into a trend that every Gen Z would love to wear. Our favorites are these little quilted bags with the redesigned ‘C’.

the riding boots

Of all the boot trends that were in 2021, we missed the one that will be the big trend in 2022: the classic riding boot. Also known as riding boots, it has a straight and tight pipe that looks good with wider pants, creating a difference in volumes that gives a lot of style. If you’re short, you need these boots in your closet to stretch your legs. Instant optical effect.


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