paintings and punk

Checkered prints are always in fashion, but Vivienne Westwood has decided that in 2022 they will be used in a punk style. You can incorporate them into Mean Girls style ensembles with a blazer and pleated skirt with high socks, or you can go dark with military boots and some chain necklaces. To complete this aesthetic, it is essential to have a burgundy lip and a hair parted in the middle.

the colorful jackets

Since the Very Peri shade was declared the Pantone color of 2022, we can’t help but see it on the catwalks. He was rightly chosen. To incorporate it into our wardrobe, we really like Botter’s version, which consists of wearing it over puffer jackets (yes, they’re with us for another season) or even padded pants. To combine it in an editorial way, opt for lighter and darker tones, such as lilac and purple for the rest of the pieces.

the rocker style

Kourtney Kardashian already anticipated: the rocker style will catch on a lot in 2022 and brands like Alessandra Rich give us all the keys to match it with our clothes. According to the English company, in 2022 the rockstar style will go to a more western side, incorporating lots of studded leather clothes and cowboy belts. To sweeten the outfit a little, you can add knitwear or even lingerie like Kourtney does.

the crazy 20’s

It seems that it also comes back every centenary because, among all the dresses and sets, we find flapper dresses. In fact, dresses with fringes are back on trend and are your best bet for your craziest nights out.

fashion trends for 2022: satin suit

Suits are a staple part of our wardrobe, but sometimes we also like to wear them to a party. Gucci has captured the concept very well and that’s why they offer us clothes like this pink satin. To take it to the party level, you can add rhinestone earrings and necklaces that make you sparkle as much (or brighter) as the disco ball. On your feet, you can wear loafers or platform sandals, depending on how diva you feel.

The Y2K aesthetic

Of all the 2021 trends, the 2000s were the decade we’re using the most. The butterfly tops, the colorful sunglasses, the baggy pants, the ‘patchwork’… All these fashions are back for another year but with twice the force. According to Blumarine, starting next season we will carry all these trends at the same time. Do you dare with a complete butterfly look?

fashion trends 2022 y2k butterfly tops

Fashion trends for 2022: Pastel colors and graphics

Fluorine and neon tones gave way to pastel tones, which we will mix next year. If in 2021 we use them in ‘color block’, Fendi proposes that in 2022 we combine them in the same outfit and through fun graphics. Join the Harajuku trend and opt for boots with anime designs and fun details like a bag.

Fendi anime

The boho hippie aesthetic

Denim clothes with colorful patchwork and hippie inspiration are a constant, especially in spring. However, this year Etro decided to take the ‘boho’ concept to the next level, integrating vitamin shades like orange and very bohemian accessories like silver earrings and bracelets. Not to mention the ‘digi-evolution’ of the vest, which will be used in denim.

boho hippie aesthetics

The ‘preppy’ style

It seems that neither the Old Money aesthetic nor the preppy style will abandon us in 2022. Oversized V-neck sweaters will continue to follow us, as will polo shirts. Sneakers with high socks are another safe bet, but according to Lacoste we can dare with more colorful and avant-garde models of those who usually wear this style of clothes so classic.

preppy style

Fashion trends for 2022: The micro skirt and low waist

Our worst fears have been confirmed, although the truth is that we had hoped for it. The micro skirt or belt-skirt made its return on the Miu Miu runway, where it’s mixed with a cropped sweater and loafers with socks to achieve that good-natured, rebellious girl look, very Britney Spears in 2000. We say we’re not surprised because this year we’ve already seen how low-rise jeans are back in use, so the next logical step would be to show off the thong, what do you think?

miu miu low waist micro skirt

knitting sets

Ensembles have been our solution since we don’t know what to wear but want to be arranged. The knitted blouse and cardigan sets arrived last spring and now Chanel has decided they’re going to make a comeback, just adding a few shorts in the same color to the combo. It’s a perfect outfit for tall girls with slender legs as it helps accentuate that part of the body, but it’s also a perfect trend for short girls who want to add a few inches.

knitting sets

Fashion trends for 2022: Elevated streetwear

Ever since brands like Off-White and Palm Angels elevated streetwear to the luxury category, fashion brands haven’t stopped including this style in their shows. For 2022, Bottega Veneta has planned a more sophisticated version of this style: the ‘ techwear ‘, which translates into tech-inspired pieces like raincoats and parkas with elastics and zippers, which in their oversized version make up a modern dress.


daring looks

Marques’Almeida is one of those brands you need to look at when you want to give your wardrobe a modern touch. Okay, this knit dress if worn alone would be a bit much, but combined with this top underneath, it makes more sense now, doesn’t it?


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