Night luxe aesthetic trend: Martinis, discotheques, mini dresses, shiny jewelry… Decrease the exposure of your photos, activate the ‘flash’ and you will have the most fashionable aesthetics on the networks. Here you have the main clothes to wear the most luxurious style.

It could be all the months that we spend without clubs and parties, or it could be that we have accumulated a lot of looks to wear, but the truth is that lately we really want to go out at night. If it has happened to you too, welcome to the club and calm down, it is a widespread epidemic that has reached centenarians all over the world. Proof of this are all the trends that are becoming fashionable on TikTok and Instagram. It is the case of the ‘ YSL girl aesthetic‘, which is based on wearing black mini dresses and platform sandals, or the ‘night luxe’ style, which consists of celebrating our best sequined dresses, rhinestones and high heels every Friday as if it were New Year’s Eve. But like all aesthetics, it goes beyond a way of dressing. We tell you what it is and how you can take very ‘aesthetic’ photos according to this new luxury night fashion.


What is the night luxe aesthetic trend

Like any fashion trend born on TikTok, this style has its own ‘hashtag’ in which we can get an idea of ​​what it consists of. In this case,  #nightluxe has 48.9 million views and hundreds of videos in which we can see photos and videos of girls in mini dresses, black and sequins, combined with fur coats, heels with bows and velvet, rhinestone earrings and pearl necklaces.

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Come on, a ‘Gossip Girl’ version of party wear. At the same time, these photos are usually taken with a very low exposure, with some flash or effect that causes glare to blur and lights to blur.
Girls who enter this trend often take pictures in elegant restaurants, on the street, on the balcony or terrace, on the stairs of a hotel, or inside a taxi, but always at night. The usual props are glasses of champagne, wine or martini, red lipstick, a plate of sushi or pasta, which they pretend to eat.

This aesthetic is not random, in fact, we’ve come up with several theories as to why it appears right now on social media. Since mid-2021, we’ve seen the ‘that girl’ trend grow in popularity. Youtube was full of videos of girls getting up at six in the morning to make a smoothie, journal and practice yoga. A rather impractical lifestyle for most mortals who would soon find an antagonist: ‘night luxury’. Making the party the main plan of the day, arriving home late, taking off your makeup badly and starting over is the ‘vibe’ that these photos try to convey. It’s a lifestyle change from smoothie and yoga to martini and disco.

how to dress night luxury aesthetic

Night luxe aesthetic clothing : dresses, satin and sequins

And like all aesthetics, this fashion is accompanied by a very specific style of clothing with which the girls appear in the photos. For you to have an idea, the concept would be what you would use to go to the party, but with a New Year’s Eve touch. That is, the main pieces are sequin and velvet mini dresses, corsets with transparencies, leather effect pants, mini skirts with openings, fur coats or satin blazers, feather tops and blouses and the brightest heels you can find. All this in a color palette that ranges from black and white to gold, silver and pink, occasionally adding an animal print to coats and incorporating lots of satin and glitter fabrics.

Accessories: ‘rhinestone’ jewelry and pearls

Accessories are the key to elevating any outfit you own. For example, for a black suit, you can add a bag with feathers and an animal print pattern. Just add satin gloves, earrings, and a rhinestone choker to a black dress to make it unique, and you can add a beaded belt to any flowy pleated pants to go from the office to after work. At the same time, pearl earrings and necklaces can help a lot to make your looks more sophisticated and a good pump or black heel sandal will always give you that extra touch of style. Tip: if you’re looking for trendy heels, opt for asymmetrical ones or ones with glitter bows à la Amina Muaddi.


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