Dressing like you have money is more of a lifestyle, it’s about nurturing elegance, taste and femininity throughout your life. In a world full of trends, old money remains a classic. So here are 10 tips on how to dress like old money!

old money what is it

1. Keep your skin and body healthy

Yes, I know, this tip is not about styling, but it’s crucial that you should do it before any other tip. Old money realizes how health plays an important role in their lives and is critical for them to maintain healthy skin and body. Also, let’s not forget that this is basic etiquette for everything in life.

Most of the time, we invest most of our money in makeup and facial skincare products. However, looking healthy is more than that and we must pay attention to every part of our body to nurture the best in ourselves!

  • Keep hair shiny with good hydration and use sulfate-free shampoo
  • Take care of your body skin by applying body lotion and hand cream
  • Take good care of your teeth, make sure they are white and clean
  • Keep your eyebrows up to date
  • keep your nails clean (many women ignore this point)

Here are just a few tips, but I’m sure you get the point! After all, it’s all about the details and, believe me, people can see that!

2. Have a good posture

Let’s imagine, with a curved back, how can we carry the dress with elegance and confidence? So always keep your head up and your belly tight, walk at a moderate pace and that’s how we boost our confidence instantly!

3. Avoid branded labels

I know it’s hard, but people with Old Money always avoid designer brands. They don’t need to prove they’re rich by flaunting the brand’s logo everywhere; instead, they just want to keep things discreet and private.

4. Use natural fiber instead of polyester

When it comes to clothing, we always pay attention to design rather than materials. If you’ve ever wondered why your big fluffy coat still can’t keep you warm in winter, chances are the material is mostly polyester rather than warm fiber like wool. Not only is natural fiber more functional, but it also makes your clothes more structured and robust.

Here are some of the natural fibers that make your clothes more stylish:

  • There
  • Silk
  • Cashmere (best for winter)
  • Organic cotton and bamboo

So, you have many other options instead of using polyester! Let’s not forget that natural fiber is a more sustainable way to support fashion too!

5. Dress in low saturation colors

Instead of vivid, high-saturation colors, they tend to use colors like black, beige, khaki, white, and more. Not only do these colors look more natural and closer to earth tone, they are also less noticeable than bright colors like shocking pink and neon green. They dress for comfort rather than secretly expecting people to pay attention to their clothes.

If you dress like old money, I’m sure you’ll still look trendy when you look at the picture ten years later!

6. Wear custom-made clothes

We know that many of you might think that made-to-measure clothing is something of a luxury, but no, instead it is a necessity in some cases! Wearing tight clothing is basic etiquette and sometimes just visiting the tailor or seamstress.

7. Make sure your clothes are structured and wrinkle-free

Using a steamer is probably the easiest way to make your clothes look expensive.
With wrinkled clothes, you convey to people that you are a sloppy person, which is the opposite of this new aesthetic. Make the iron your best friend!

8. Invest in your shoes

If you don’t have a budget, at least invest in shoes. Old money values ​​quality more than quantity; instead of buying 10 different pairs of heels, one or two pairs of high-quality heels are more than enough. Yes, these shoes may cost more than average, but let’s remember how many shoes we wear once and we dare not wear anymore.

9. Dress for the occasion

Dressing for the occasion is a rule that never goes out of style. Nowadays, with the obsession with heels, we always dress too much. We can sure wear a cute little black dress with heels for date night, but when it comes to family gatherings and hikes, we’re going to wear sneakers or another more comfortable outfit like a loafer.

Following a dress code is a sign of sophistication, it’s subtle, but again, people notice.


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