That is an attention-grabbing query as I’ve heard persuasive arguments for each choices.  Which might you slightly be?  Underdressed or Overdressed?

Jill Chivers of 16 Model Varieties and I talk about this subject on this video.


The Underdressed to Overdressed Continuum and Persona Kind

This isn’t a black and white query, as actually the overdressed to underdressed query is extra about the place you sit on the continuum and what you even understand what’s overdressed versus what’s underdressed too.

Jill thinks that with reference to psychological kind, it’s the final letter of your 4 letter Myers Briggs kind code that gives you the reply – as to whether you favor underneath or overdressedness (is that even a phrase or did I simply make it up?).  For her the final letter – both J (judging) or P (perceiving) is what informs which you’re prone to desire.


She thinks that Judging sorts usually tend to desire to be overdressed as there’s a sense of order, construction and bounds into which fashion goes, in actual fact, an ESTJ girl advised us that if she went to an occasion the place she was underdressed, she’d wish to depart immediately.  Whereas some Perceiving sorts talked about to us after we had been interviewing them about their fashion, it was one thing they’d by no means even take into consideration, and doubtless wouldn’t discover or I’d assume it was humorous or quirky (however wouldn’t ever assume they’d want to go away the occasion).

Whereas I’ve seen in my dealings with FP sorts (Feeling/Perceiving sorts – notably Intuitive variations xNFPs but in addition Sensing variations xSFPs) who place a excessive worth on fashion would additionally desire to be overdressed than underdressed, as FP sorts are massively motivated by their private values.    I’ve additionally met STJ sorts (Sensing, Considering, Judging) sorts who dislike standing out, and so would favor to be barely underdressed so that they don’t stand out (as overdressed could make them really feel like they stand out) as standing out may be perceived as a destructive to them.

I might assume that xNTPs usually tend to really feel extra comfy underdressed than overdressed, whereas xNTJs usually tend to be overdressed than underdressed (supplied that they’ve come to understand the facility of their private fashion and the way it communicates).

What Does Underdressed and Overdressed Actually Imply?

They’re phrases which are all about relationship to others.  How will you inform is by others to see what others are carrying.

How do you be overdressed however not out of step with these round you?  Jill doesn’t wish to be separated by her pure inclination to be overdressed in a nasty means, she needs to be in-step with others, however nonetheless categorical her most fashionable self.  Being out of step is a really destructive feeling for Jill as she extremely values relationships and concord with others (an indicator of the ESFJ persona kind).Overdressed or underdressed, Jill prefers to be overdressed, but never inappropriately so

For me, some might imagine that I overdress daily for working at dwelling on my own – so there is no such thing as a one else I’m needing to narrate to in my atmosphere so can’t use that as a gauge, but for me I don’t really feel overdressed as I wish to really feel like the most effective model of me as I do know that I carry out higher once I be ok with myself,  Feeling fashionable is one side of feeling good, in order that small quantity of day by day effort and time to placed on an outfit that’s comparatively fashionable is price it to me.  As a J (Judging) kind (INTJ) I prefer to be ready and so being put-together every day means if an surprising assembly does happen, I’m by no means in a panic about having to alter my outfit or that I’m not appropriately dressed.

Dressed for a day in the home office

Here’s a typical day in my dwelling workplace – would this be overdressed or underdressed for you?

What’s Your Choice?

We’d like to understand how you are feeling about this query – please do tell us within the feedback – and if you already know your psychological kind too, we’d like to know what that’s and why.  How removed from the suitable/ideally suited would you slightly be – extra overdressed or extra underdressed?


Uncover Extra About Your Model Kind

Should you’re to study extra about why you’ve these preferences and the way they relate to your persona then we’d love to ask you to find extra with our Your Kind of Model program which delves deep into your strategy to fashion that’s associated to your psychological kind.  We solely open the doorways annually so if that is of curiosity to you uncover extra right here.  Study how one can tune into what’s best for you and tune out the fashion data that isn’t best for you.


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